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Bridge To The Hereafter
Tahun Diterbitkan: 2009
Halaman: 204 Muka Surat
ISBN-13: 978-99917-33-00-5
Harga: BND 6.00


We are all travellers. We have just one goal, not two or three. What else could our goal be if not DEATH? Death is the bridge to the hereafter. It is the link between two lives; the live in this transitory world and the everlasting life in the hereafter.

Have we prepared ourselves so as to reach the hereafter via a safe bridge? Are we equipping ourselves on earth with deeds so that our safety in the hereafter may be guaranteed?

Let's make this world a 'Huge Plantation' in which we plant as much as we desire beneficial provisions that helps us when we face DEATH and as we safely head towards the hereafter.

This book provides some guide to the reader that may increase his effort and improve his deeds as he seeks the approval of his Lord and obtain husn al-Khatimah (a good end).