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Cigarettes & Smoking
Tahun Diterbitkan: 2007
Halaman: 91 Muka Surat
ISBN-13: 978-99917-60-27-8
Harga: BND 6.00


The effort to combat or to eradicate cigarettes is prevalent everywhere. It has also been discussed from the religious perspective and continuously researched, based on various aspects, as to whether it is only makruh or whether it should be ruled harâm.

It is true that smoking does not kill instantly but it is nonetheless hazardous and it causes harm.

Research has revealed that it (cigarettes) contains various kinds of poisons.

Islam prohibits its followers from indulging in anything that may have a negative effect on health because such interference may weaken a person or render him incapable of performing his religious obligations as well as his worldly responsibilities.

This book presents to the readers an extensive debate among the mu'tabâr 'ulama' and health specialists, on the issue of cigarettes and smoking, which is supported by shar'i and scientific evidences.

In order to know the conclusion from this interesting discussion, do continue reading and studying this book until readers arrive at a clear ruling on cigarettes and smoking.