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Issues On Halal Products
Tahun Diterbitkan: 2007
Halaman: 284 Muka Surat
ISBN-13: 978-99917-33-70-8
Harga: BND 8.00


It is natural for us, as Muslim consumers, to want a strong, halal assurance on the food and products that we consume.

The issues on the lawfulness of food and other consumer products is one of the hottest topics often discussed lately by carious groups, be they suppliers or consumers themselves, community leaders and also religious scholars.

Issues on Halal Products, which is a compilation of the 1994-2006 fatawa of the Honourable State Mufti of Brunei Darussalam, presents to the readers a wide ancd varied discourse, from the Islamic perspective, on the problems connected with a variety of consumer products.

To help readers obtain information and clarification accrording to subject matter, this book has categorised the carious issues and divided them into 10 main headings. The fatawa contained in this book have most certainly been long awaited by those concerned about the local and international developments of the food industry and consumer products.