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Monetary Issues
Tahun Diterbitkan: 2000
Halaman: 635 Muka Surat
ISBN-13: 978-99917-33-22-7 (Paperback)
978-99917-33-23-4 (Hardcover)
Harga: BND 8.00 (Paperback)
BND 15.00 (Hardcover)


Alhamdulillah, it is with His guidance and by His grace that this book which contains a compilation of fatawa on monetary issues decreed by the State Mufti of Brunei, between 1962 to 1999, is successfully published.

The publication of this book is a joint effort between the State Mufti's Office (SMO) and the Islamic Bank of Brunei Berhad (IBB), a well-known financial institution in this country. The present Muslim community's sensitivity, and attention to business and finance giverned by Islamic law, has been one of the factors which has driven the SMO and the IBB to take the initiative in publishing this book of related fatawa.

Queries dealt with in this compilation of fatawa concern monetary issues on which the public seeks rulings from the State Mufti. These issues are divided into two main chapters, i.e. under 'Ibadah (Worship) and Mu'amalah (Transactions). In these chapters, there are several other parts further sub-divided in order to give the readers a clearer picture of the divisions of knowledge in Islam.

This book may be described as a "framework" for the presence or the conduct of menotary activities which refer to shara' law. For example, the establishment of interest-free banking, loans, buying and selling, insurance, distribution if wealth and property, will, etc. It is hoped that this book will truly be benefical to every individual adn reader who practises Islam as a way of life.