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The Shari'ah Penal Code: An Introduction
Tahun Diterbitkan: 2013
Halaman: 218 Muka Surat
ISBN-13: 978-99917-60-10-0 (Paperback)
978-99917-60-12-4 (Hardcover)
Harga: BND 10.00 (Paperback)
BND 14.00 (Hardcover)


Alhamdulilah, this book was written with the intention of showing gratitude for the blessings from Allah and seeking His pleasure. It is but a meager effort compared to the great blessings the Creator has showered upon the writer. It is precisely with the blessings and pleasures bestowed bu Allah that this hand is able to write, head able to thhink and tongue able to speak so as to covey this information to my people, and indeed to whoever is interested, regardless of skin colour, tribe, race or belief.

Verily the Code of Laws of Allah are a trust for all, to be understood, conveyed and implemented, whether or not people are willing to accept is totally up to them. Those who accept are promised pleasures in this world and in the hereafter while those who do not are promised the opposite. That is all.

May Allah shower us with his guidance.

- Pehin Dato Dr Haji Abdul Aziz Juned